Misora Hibari. (Photo courtesy of Hawaii HIS Corporation press release)

WHO/WHAT: Hibari Productions presents a worldwide, online, memorial service for popular Japanese singing and acting star Misora Hibari. This 33rd, virtual commemoration of Hibari’s passing features her Shoudouji Temple service in Hino Park Cemetery, Yokohama, where her remains rest; an intimate visit to her Memorial Hall in the Aobadai neighborhood of Tokyo’s Meguro Ward, where viewers are treated to a specially edited concert accompanied by live reminiscences by Hibari’s best friends Meiko Nakamura, Kayoko Kishimoto and producer Fukuko Ishii; and a performance of Hibari’s well-known anti-war song, “Ippon no Enpitsu (One Pencil).”

Hibari had strong ties to Hawai’i including with the 100th Infantry Battalion, whose memorial clubhouse was completed with funds raised through several sold-out benefit concerts throughout the islands when Hibari was 12 years old.

WHEN/WHERE: Thursday, June 24, from noon (Japan time). Register by choosing option “C” (only the online tour and concert film for overseas viewers) at his-j.com/oe/detail/T6/?area=O9&country=OE2&city=TYO&product=TYO5010#plan_2 (Japanese language). Have a Japanese-language-proficient person read the fine print including additional fees, cancellation rules, etc.

Questions, email Hawaii HIS Corp. at hnl-pr@his-world.com or post a message at his-hawaii.com/en/contact.

COST: 4,000 Yen for option C.


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