Music Professor Emerita Barbara Smith. (Photo from the EWC Facebook page)

WHO/WHAT: The East-West Center hosts the streaming event, “Okinawan Music & Dance in Honor of Barbara B. Smith,” to honor the prominent professor emerita of music who turned 100 last June and also the cultural musical and dance genres featured in the EWC’s influential 1976 Japan Studies Institute: Performance Arts of Okinawa. These genres are: eisa (Paranku Clubs of Hawaiʻi), minyo (Urizun Minyo), uta-sanshin (Norman Kaneshiro), dance and kumiudui (Jimpu Kai), with institute graduate and respected udui Sensei Cheryl Nakasone as program emcee.

WHEN/WHERE: Thursday, May 27, from 1 p.m. HST, at

You must subscribe to this East-West Center Arts YouTube channel to view the event live or videorecorded after the fact.


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