Photos by Jodie Chiemi Ching

Last month, Nui Mono hosted a Temari Hawai‘i sale in Mö‘ili‘ili on King Street.
Temari Hawai‘i Co-founder and Executive Director Ann Asakura sold her quilted pieces and beaded jewelry; proceeds benefited the organization.
ASA beaded wearable art handmade by Ann Asakura.
Ladies waited patiently outside the shop. Only five customers were allowed in at a time to comply with COVID-19 safety protocols. From left: Gail Lee, Ann Kase and Carolyn Acoba.
Customers could explore the unique finds of Nui Mono – ceramics, indigo-dyed blouses, accessories and more.
Quilts made by Ann Asakura are pieces of art that can be hung or draped in the home.

To learn more about Nui Mono and Temari, visit their websites and


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