Channel 2 (Spectrum) and 12 (Hawaiian Telcom) (Subject to change, without notice. For updated information, call 521–8066.)

“Teacher Oh Soon Nam,” Monday and Tuesday at 7:45 p.m.; re-airs Tuesday and Wednesday at 2:15 p.m.

In this drama, Soon-Nam Oh, a private-village school teacher, loves her job which lets her inspire students and help them grow, and she also loves her daughter. However, in a twist of fate, she loses both the school and her child. Though devastated, she chooses to protect children’s dreams, supporting her daughter’s hopes and plans, rather than give in to revenge impulses.

Starring Si-Eun Park, Bon-Seung Goo, Seung-Jo Jang, Soo-Yeon Han, Gwang Jang and Byoung-Sook Sung.

“Mom Has An Affair,” Monday through Friday at 9:20 p.m.; re-airs Monday through Friday at 12:25 p.m.

Since her father left home and her mother passed away, Pil-Jung has cared for her younger sister. She marries Tae-Sub, a single dad with a child; however, Tae-Sub goes bankrupt, causes trouble for their family, then dies. Seven years later, as a happy single mom, Pil-Jung works odd jobs to support the children — who want a rich, cool new dad.

Starring Jyu-ni Hyun, Seo-Jun Kang, Jun-Woo Gil, Je-Yi Hong and Jae-Hwang Lee.

“Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life,” Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m.; re-airs Tuesday and Wednesday at 1 pm.

Four people seek love and happiness: Jin-Woo Do, the CEO of a company; his wife, the ambitious Seoul-A Kim, a former announcer; chef Tae-Rang Moon, the oldest brother in a family of adoptees; and the secretary for Jin-Woo Do, Hae-Rang Moon, who is Tae-Rang Moon’s younger sister.

Starring Yoon-Hee Jo, Min-Suk Oh, Park Yoon and Woo-Ri Jo.

“Penthouse,” Wednesday and Thursday at 7:45 p.m.; re-airs Thursday and Friday at 2:15 p.m.

In a luxury, 100-floor penthouse apartment, the paths of diverse characters intersect. Su-Ryeon Shim, an elegant woman born into the upper class, serves as queen of the penthouses alongside her businessman husband, Joo Dan-Tae, a real estate mogul; arrogant Seo-Jin Cheon, also born wealthy, sows problems with others together with husband Yoon-Cheol Ha, the ambitious chief surgeon of a general hospital; and working-class Yoon-Hee Oh works hard for her children’s success, wanting to join the upper class for their sake.

Starring Ji-Ah Lee, So-Yeon Kim, Eugene, Ki-Jun Uhm and Jong-Hoon Yoon.

Home for Summer,” Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m.; re-airs Thursday and Friday at 1 p.m.

Geum-Hee and her husband, surgeon Joon-Ho, have been wed for a decade as she helped him succeed in his medical career. Though still happy with his wife, Joon-Ho meets divorcee Sang-Mi who pursues him despite his marital status. Meanwhile, Sang-Mi’s younger brother Sang-Won, dumped by the woman he loved, seems cold, but has a warm heart.

Starring Young-Eun Lee, Sun-Woo Yoon, Chae-Young Lee, Sa-Kwon Kim, and Hye-Ok Kim.

“Delayed Justice,” Friday and Saturday at 7:45 p.m.; re-airs Saturday and Sunday at noon.

Public defender Tae-Yong Park and reporter Sam-Soo Park fight for the victims of the legal system who have been falsely accused but who lack influence or money. Raised on an island as an undertaker’s son, the empathetic Tae-Yong Park took an unusual route to becoming a lawyer, skipping entry into a university right after high school but still passing the bar exam later. Sam-Soo Parkʻs college degree led to a short career as a non-permanent employee, though his excellent writing skills soon won him a job as a compassionate reporter.

Starring Sang-Woo Kwon, Sung-Woo Bae, Joo-Hyun Kim, Woong-In Jung and Eung-Soo Kim.

Woman of 9.9 Billion,Friday at 10 p.m.

Seo-Yeon Jeong unexpectedly acquires 9.9 billion won (US $9 million) — but her life always seems to pit her against the world. Her father had behaved violently against their family, so she left that home to start a new life with an affectionate boyfriend. But even that happy phase ended. As Seo-Yeon Jeong strives to find some joy, she meets Tae-Woo Kang, an ex-detective investigating the death of his younger sibling.

Starring Yeo-Jeong Cho, Kang-Woo Kim, Woong-In Jung, Na-Ra Oh and Ji-Hoon Lee.

“You Are My Destiny,“ Saturday at 6:50 p.m.

Chipper and optimistic orphan Sae-Byeok Jang changes her life upon getting a corneal transplant from Na-Yeong. To thank her late donor’s family, Sae-Byeok Jang visits them, but finds that Na-Yeong’s parents did not know their daughter died. But she soon grows close to the dead girl’s parents.

Starring Yoon-Ah Im, Hyun-Joo Gong, Jae-Jung Park, Jang Yong and Ae-Ri Jeong.

“Dream of the Emperor,” Saturday and Sunday at 9:30 p.m.; re-airs Saturday and Sunday at 1:15 p.m.

Historical drama on the rise of Shilla, one of Korea’s Three Kingdoms. Future King Taejong Muyeol (born Choon-Choo Kim), along with
general Yoo-Shin Kim, bring about the golden age of the Shilla Dynasty.

Starring Soo-Jong Choi, Yu-Seok Kim, Eun-Hee Hong, Young-Ah Lee and Dong-Hwan Jeong.

“Your Lady,” Sunday at 9 a.m.

Orphan Eun-Soo, an intern at Manbok Co., falls in love with average coworker Jung-Hoon–not knowing he is the Manbok CEO’s son. She loses her memory in a car accident and weds the man who saved her, while pregnant with Jung-Hoon’s child. But her new husband disappears, so she goes to where he last was seen…Manbok Co.

Starring Yu-Ri Lee, Yoon-Jae Park, Ho Lim, Young-Rin Park and Byung-Wook Lee.”

“Baek Jong Won’s Alley Restaurant,” Sunday at 4:30 p.m.

Cooking variety show. A spin-off from Baek Jong Won’s Top 3 Chef King and Baek Jong Won’s Food Truck. Not subtitled in English.

Co-hosted by Jong-Won Baek and Sun-Joo Kim.

“When I Was the Most Beautiful,” Sunday at 6:30 p.m.; re-airs Monday at 1 p.m.

Ceramic artist Ye-Ji Oh dreams of finding ordinary happiness, but falls in love with Hwan Seo (an architectural designer) and his older brother Jin Seo (a race-car driver).

Starring Soo-Hyang Lim, Soo Ji, Seok-Jin Ha, Seung-Un Hwang and Jong-Hwan Choi.


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