Advice for “The Year of New Perspectives”
Ida Yoshinaga

Finding Hope in Our Chaotic World

Get ready for Alice Inoue 2.0! The popular “life guide,” who founded Happiness U in Kaka‘ako’s SALT complex, has revamped her in-demand New Year’s event for the digital era.

This year, “A Virtual Evening with Alice & Friends” [subtitled “The Year of New Perspectives: Finding Hope in Our Chaotic World] may be bigger than ever, as organizers predict it eclipsing the 250 attendees who showed up at the same event’s physical location last year in Pomaika‘i Ballrooms, Dole Cannery. This is because the two-hour “Evening With Alice & Friends” will now be held fully online from 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 18, 2021.

Inoue’s “Friends” include several internationally known western and eastern astrologers (the AstroTwins, Mark Dodich, Jessie Lee) plus a professional visual scribe (Jenny Leonard) whose beautiful note-taking art can help the virtual audience recall the astrologers’ and Inoue’s advice long after that evening, digital illustrations which attendees can download as event “omiyage” (travel or event keepsake). This article’s closing section summarizes the five guests’ very diverse backgrounds.

“I wanted astrologers from different disciplines,” reveals Inoue who says that astrology is very popular in the islands, so she wanted local attendees to get a taste of the rich global range of her predictive profession. She carefully vetted each of the four astrologer speakers, so that their 15-minute presentations will offer optimal advice to the virtual audience (her own presentation, after a “fun intermission,” will round out the night).

We at The Hawai‘i Herald learned about these guests when calling Inoue to get this year’s numerological and astrological forecast.

A Review of 2020, the “Year of Manifestation”

As Inoue had predicted in our Jan. 3, 2020, issue, the past 12 months, the “Year of Manifestation,” have proven a super-productive time of getting things done … or else. Certainly with its global coronavirus pandemic and sobering life-or-death stakes, the last year of the second decade of the millennium forced us to pare down, dig deep inside ourselves and hone in on what we believed was the “essential labor” in our lives.

When we look back at all we had accomplished in 2020, despite the anxiety, chaos and occasional emotional breakdown, we will be amazed at our own ability to work in a crisis. At the Herald, our new editorial team put out several special issues, including ones celebrating our own 40th anniversary, the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II and the 120th anniversary of Okinawan immigration to the islands, while we tried to refine our production process and ponder how to bring our newspaper into the digital age.

In short, 2020 gave us a crash course in knowing what we wanted: we had to reach down into the foundation, the core values, of ourselves to get things done. Manifesting what was most important, we found ways to focus on these basic goals, but what of 2021 — what happens after the start of a worldwide health crisis, once everyone has gutted their regular routines of all the unnecessary stuff and found their inner strengths?

2021, The Year of New Perspectives

Last year was one of productivity, with us getting down to our core foundation and pouring in buckets of work, based on that. However, 2021 will encourage us to take risks and experiment towards change.

“(O)utdated lifestyles and beliefs will begin to dramatically shift. There is an awakening to new ways, new perspectives and new ideals,” anticipates the astrologer-numerologist. This move towards change happens so that we can explore, without fear, the truth of who we are, the watchwords for 2021 being “Authenticity. Individuality. Being ʻyou’ will take on new importance,” Inoue sums up.

Lead Story =Alice Inoue
Alice Inoue. (Photo from

But it is not easy to break out of one’s old patterns. Since the virus’ outbreak, Inoue, who according to her website is “Hawaiʻi’s Leading Authority on Inspired Living and Workplace Wellness” (, offering consultations to more people than ever. “People require my services now more since that (the coronavirus) happened,” she revealed. With Hawai‘i’s new social-distancing restrictions, she has had to go virtual — giving guidance and predictions over the phone or on Zoom.

By the time this Herald reporter spoke with Inoue at 1:30 p.m., she had already counseled five people that day — added on to the over 10,000 she has helped overall, the 80 or so whom she personally advises every month and the (sometimes) hundreds more she reaches through speaking events for organizations.

Through astrological and numerological predictions, Inoue aids people in making decisions to transform their lives for 2021, supporting them in dealing with the challenges the year brings, while remaining balanced and living a satisfying life.

Astrology and numerology

Many people mix up astrology with numerology in trying to understand these classic predictive arts, but Inoue has explained the distinction to Herald readers in the past. Whether western or eastern, astrology relates to how “patterns, themes and cycles of the planets in the sky” might correlate with people’s existence on earth including events that arise in our lives.

Numerology, by contrast, uses the language of “numbers, letters and symbols” to unearth underlying patterns of the universe, so as to help us grasp who we are and what is going on in what seems to be a mysterious universe. It relates to viewing ourselves as part of a larger, interconnected fabric, and encourages us to move in synchronicity with other elements around us.

Astrological Elements of Water and Air

“Lots of earth dominance in the past year now gives way to an addition of water and more air —  symbolizing freedom and transformation,” anticipates Inoue. “In 2020, COVID-19 forced us to change and as a result, we saw things we never looked at before and learned things we never planned. The voids we experienced this year [i.e., 2020] were magnified and that in turn created our new values,” she explains.

For example, in organizing her own Jan. 18 virtual evening, shares Inoue, “It used to be a big event; in the old days, planning it was like, Oh my god, who will do the direction, manage the production — the music, the lighting, the product sales, the registration desk, etc. We worked really hard. But now, with it going online, we only need a staff of four to five, not 12-13 people like last year. And perhaps more registrants will sign up — this year, it could be 500 people!”

For Inoue, organizing this online version of her normally big-ballroom-set event feels much smarter, though perhaps not as fun (due to the fewer people involved and less direct contact with her audience). “We can generate more revenue with half the work and the same good information given to the audience, reaching more people at the same time.”

 With the global virus, “so much character was gained from all the tests of endurance that we had to go through,” the life guide evaluates. Thus, in 2021, “these lessons continue the journey of our evolution.” By the end of the year, she predicts,


• We will learn to approach our long-standing blocks from a completely different perspective.

• We will learn to be more forgiving of our own perceived imperfections.

• We will let go of old rules and beliefs that we no longer resonate with.

• We will not live by other people’s rules as much as we will focus on being authentic.

• We will find out what we truly stand for.

• We will wake up to more of life than we ever thought possible.

Numerology: 2021 is a “5” Year

According to Inoue, we have entered a “5” year: the catchwords will be freedom, risk-taking, adventure. This contrasts with the “4” that we just survived; 2020 had been “a hardworking, heavy, solid foundational year, similar to the four legs of a table – not much fluidity and much more mundane,” she summarizes. However, the “5” of 2021 represents the energy of instability: “The focus shifts from holding on to what was, to HOW you want to manage the change that is inevitable in this next level of evolution,” Inoue envisions.

“This is the year to push boundaries, explore the unknown and jump into new ideas and doing things differently,” she continues. “The attitude to have is one of adventure. It’s an exciting vibe of new possibilities. Take what worked in the last four years and let go of the rest, because there’s no need to bring old clutter to the table.”

Also, while the “5” energy make us wish to live on our own terms, in order to do so, we must be pragmatic and committed: “(T)here needs to be some new ways of operating. To have money, we have to earn, invest and plan. To have health, we need to do the things our body needs,” Inoue recommends.

Surrender Expectations, Simplify, Work Smarter

For 2021 to go as well, Inoue thinks, “let go of everything you ever thought about life, about you, about what is possible, about who you are or what you can or cannot become or experience.” Instead, open yourself up to “new insights, new opportunities, new possibilities…We are outgrowing our ‘shells’ faster than ever and looking for more of what gives us purpose,” she foretells.

Especially from the Chinese New Year (starting on Friday, Feb. 12), you should further simplify your life: downsize, create systems to become more resilient. The Metal Ox ruling 2021 is solid and reliable; it will “help shoulder the burdens we carry from 2020,” Inoue insists. She views the Metal Ox as strong and determined, “so success comes from doing what needs to be done – consistently.”

For example, “downsizing” means that, “When I go shopping online, and they try to ‘bump me up’ for an order, [I ask myself,] do I stay with what I need, or do I go for the shiny object? Do I keep carrying around the big bag[ful] of things in my purse? Do I really need everything in there?  ‘Downsizing’ means making life simpler.”

Societally, the Ox is pragmatic, so Inoue expects useful innovations such as “tops of apartment buildings become a rooftop garden for food…tenants start trading rent for services provided to keep the building maintained.” She predicts “We will see more back to the land movements, more cannabis being grown, more sustainability, new agriculture, food supplies, etc.”

Other collective predictions the life-guide envisions are that

• Society will continue to want to change the existing outdated system.

• Scientific breakthroughs will continue at breakneck pace.

• Complex tech will become accessible to the masses.

• Technology and biology integrate further with AI, augmented reality, virtual everything.

• Saturn still restricts our gatherings, but Uranus pushes us towards new ways to connect.

Oxen are often yoked together in pairs … so symbolically, this will prove a year for more collaborations and cooperation.

Finally, she says, “Improve existing processes so you work smarter, not harder.” Remember that “work” is not only to make money; you should “work” on being your best, most healthy and most authentic self. Figure out what parts of you are inauthentic or weighing you down; the sharpness of the Metal element can help cut through existing processes that are dragging.

What types of chaos are typical in Hawai’i that cause greater confusion and thus block our resilience? She answers, “Family obligations, such as the needs of our grandmothers, mothers, and kids (taking kids to school, cooking dinner, dropping someone off).” These obligations tend to create the busyness of our island lives. “How do we simplify so we are not so tired; how do we spend less time juggling these pieces?” she challenges Herald readers to think.

Inoue adds that the pandemic has already broken a lot of our old processes/patterns in which we were stuck. For instance, when she organizes consultations, she used to hear people say, “I live on the North shore, care give for my mother … It is hard to come to town.” But they would do it anyway, because Inoue’s practice had been to meet with people in person.

However, post-COVID-19, she now sees that she does not need to meet with them face-to-face; she can consult via Zoom or the phone: “It is more efficient, and just as effective. This year, we are going to be even more involved in using digital technology – even if it’s not “our thing.”

“Hustle and innovate, while steadfastly staying the course,” Inoue gives as the most successful plan of action. “Incorporate routine and find solace in doing the same thing over and over again, especially with purpose.” But also remember to take a break: “Physical exercise is more important than ever.”

Lead Story = 2020 team
The team that put together last year’s event, “2020, The Year of Manifestation,” held on Jan. 20, 2020, at the Pomaika‘i Ballrooms at Dole Cannery. (Photo
courtesy of Happiness U)

Alice’s “Friends” on Jan. 18

Attendees can pay $30 for a single device/single viewer or $50 for a single device/multiple viewers, to attend the Jan. 18 event from 6:30-8:30 p.m., HST (to attend, see details at

Identical twin sisters Ophira and Tali Edut, known as the AstroTwins (, are professional astrologers who reach millions worldwide. Official astrologers for ELLE magazine, they bring the stars down to earth with their lifestyle- and coaching-based approach to horoscopes. They’ve created astrology sections for multiple media properties, including Refinery29, Parade and Lifetime TV.

Inoue chose the twins to speak, because they are “smart and fun.” However, because they have celebrity and high-profile clients, she did not think she could get them to agree to speak. But she initiated contact via their website (like a fan!). Their assistant, then their manager, responded, and Inoue negotiated their participation in her Virtual Evening.

As bestselling authors, these female twins wrote a collection of books, including AstroStyle, Love Zodiac, Shoestrology and Momstrology (their #1 Amazon best-selling parenting guide) and their annual horoscope guides. The AstroTwins have been featured by Good Morning America, the Today Show, the New York Times Sunday Styles section, People Magazine and Vogue. They have collaborated with major brands including Coach, Zappos and Nordstrom, and co-created the wildly successful “Signs of Love” campaign with Revlon and Refinery29.

The sisters have read charts for celebrities including Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder, Karlie Kloss, Emma Roberts and Sting. They are regular guests on SiriusXM and have appeared on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey, doing on-air readings for the cast.

Jessie Lee ( is a celebrity consultant, global speaker and a fully trained and certified professional instructor of Tarot, Chinese Metaphysics and Western Divination.

Inoue found Jessie, because she researched Eastern astrologers for her virtual audience; typically U.S. fans of astrology only get to consult Western experts. But she hoped for a diversity of insights for her loyal audience. So Inoue went through Jessie’s forecasts and videos, finding her to enjoy a good reputation in the global astrologer community.

Inoue learned that Jessie founded her company, Soleil Trinity Resource, now one of Malaysia’s leading Chinese Metaphysics consultancy firms. Jessie’s skills, accuracy and razor-sharp instincts as Soleil Trinity Resource’s lead consultant led her to successfully expand her reach to Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, China, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

With over 20 years of diverse experiences in the field, Jessie is now an independent household name in Chinese Metaphysics with a string of A-list clientele including high profile entrepreneurs and top management of global brands, celebrities, members of royalty and politicians from both the local and international scene. It is exciting to have such a renowned astrologer of Asia join in Inoue’s New Year event.

Mark Dodich ( has provided astrology and intuitive consultations internationally since 1980. Holding a C.A.P. (Certified Astrological Professional) from ISAR (International Society of Astrological Research), he has served as past president of the Oregon Astrological Association and publishes the Astromark newsletter.

Since leaving the corporate world of industrial sales to do astrology full-time in 1995, he has published hundreds of articles and regularly is heard on the radio, seen on television, and listened to at conferences and metaphysical venues.

Inoue met Mark through a friend 15 years ago, and had found him very kind, generous and genuine. Usually, she shares, the more seasoned astrologers tend to be snobbish (because they are like gods to people). However, Mark was helpful to her and willing to share advice/information, which she liked.

Mark runs a full-time consulting practice in Portland, which includes travel (pre-pandemic), writing and a busy lecture schedule. Metaphysical subjects and techniques that empower spiritual growth are a continual source of interest for him. However, his primary interest is to help people open to the beauty of their Divine Essence.

Jenny Leonard (, who lives and works in the U.K., is a community-driven commissioned artist who loves pursuing collaborative art projects that bring people together.

She does live-art sketching (“live transcribing”) for events, meetings and conferences and holds creative-art workshops for schools and businesses. She specializes in making accessible works such as murals, scenic painting and site-specific public art.

This type of live-scribing, Inoue reveals, is normally expensive, but in a digital event for a large online crowd such as the Jan. 18 “Virtual Evening with Alice & Friends,” it becomes much more affordable. As the four guest astrologers and Inoue give their advice, Jenny, working from London, will take notes and create beautiful graphics based on what they say. This artwork will become a memorable keepsake for those virtually attending the event.


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