WHO/WHAT: Soto Mission of Hawaiʻi (sotomission.org) offers its Daihannya New Year Online Blessing Service virtually this oshogatsu season, through a streamed event that includes the opportunity to purchase, and have the temple’s priest bless, some Daihannya (Great Perfection of Wisdom [sutra]) Ofuda (paper-slip talisman).

WHEN/WHERE: Sunday, Jan. 3, at 9:30 a.m., HST, at sotomission.org/live. As it has in the past with face-to-face blessings, the temple will bless its Daihannya Ofuda as well as other omamori (Japanese amulets) on that day.

For a donation of $30, your 2021 Daihannya Ofuda packet will include one car omamori, two house paper ofuda, one house wooden ofuda and one wallet omamori. To arrange ofuda purchase and pickup any time after the service (at Soto Mission, 1708 Nuʻuanu Ave.), call the temple at (808) 537-9409 and ask for a personalized Ofuda with your name.


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