Every Tuesday at 7 p.m. HST for an hour and sometimes longer, Okinawans and Okinawans at heart can now tune in to the lively, heartfelt and highly informative “Yuntaku Live!” video-streaming broadcast co-hosted by David “DJ” Jones and Hawaii United Okinawa Association President Lynn Miyahira, a combination of weekly variety show, community news wire and cultural performance sponsored by HUOA on Facebook and YouTube (see the organization’s video pages at facebook.com/pg/HUOA.org/videos/ and youtube.com/channel/UC61hEnfb8TenI9Aq6o_dTnQ/videos).

On April 14, the show’s Facebook Live premiere drew viewers from all over the Hawaiian islands as well as from L.A., Seattle, New York, Montana, Brazil, Argentina, and Okinawa. According to Jones who reviewed the pilot’s success during Yuntaku’s second episode (April 21), that first show had reached 11,600 social-media feeds so as to capture the attention of 5,800 viewers, which produced 3,700 engagements (which communicate audience excitement by such actions as liking the video, commenting on the live feed, etc.). This means that about half of all who had heard about the weekly streaming show had tuned in to watch it live, and that well more than half of all audience members actively participated in some way. The Uchinanchu community is clearly enjoying the chance to “hang out” virtually together, while watching guests in the traditional and contemporary performing arts talk story about their craft then demonstrate it with gusto.

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