Logo for Nisei Veterans Memorial CenterPhoto of Dr. Jeffrey Tice, an integrative health provider

WHO/WHAT: The Nisei Veterans Memorial Center presents Dr. Jeffrey Tice, an integrative healthcare provider, who will introduce the history and philosophy behind Chinese medicine. He will also share self-help tools — including food, massage, exercise and meditation — to improve health and prevent disease through his online Chinese wellness lifestyle workshop.

Through personal experience and training, Tice and his team at Longevity Health Center have discovered and simplified the core strategies that can be applied immediately to improve quality of life.

The mission of the NVMC, a non-profit organization, “is to ignite the potential in people by inspiring them to find the hero in themselves through the legacy of the Nisei veterans.”

WHEN/WHERE: Saturday, June 20, from 1:30-3 p.m. via ZOOM. For reservations, call 224-6862 or email deidre@nvmc.org. For more information, visit the NVMC website at nvmc.org.


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