Danny Kim’s Aloha Journal: A Daily Practice in Gratitude

Kristen Nemoto Jay
Special to The Hawai‘i Herald

It’s the beginning of April, two weeks since the start of stay-at-home initiatives for Hawai‘i and most of the world, yet Danny Kim — founder and creator of the “Aloha Journal” — has been keeping busy. Other than writing every day in his popular, prompt-filled journal, he’s been spending quality time with his two teenage daughters.

“They hadn’t used the ‘Aloha Journal’ until this quarantine,” beams Kim through a FaceTime interview. “With all of us at home, they started working on their ‘Aloha Journal’ and said they really like it.”

The term “like” is a humble understatement as many other “Aloha Journal” owners have taken a proactive approach to their own leadership and mindfulness journeys by writing out their thoughts and goals for the day. Similar to a gratitude journal, the “Aloha Journal” breaks down facets of how you’re feeling; how you may show up to accomplish the goals that you want to achieve; and how you may create more aloha in your life by leading as an example. 

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