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Experienced artists who can demonstrate a track record of exhibitions, installations, and/or commissions, especially those skilled at creating “three dimensional freestanding sculpture, two dimensional images translated into durable materials and large painted murals,” are invited by the Hawai‘i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts to submit applications in response to the HSFCA’s Request for Qualifications for its historic Art in Public Places program. The submissions should include the artist’s (1) resume, (2) written statement of design philosophy and (3) a total of 7 images of completed work, by May 31, 2020.

By that date, entries should be submitted to https://artist.callforentry.org/festivals_unique_info.php?ID=7804, after which pre-qualified candidates will be chosen from all applicants by the HSFCA based on “appropriateness of the artist’s medium, style and previous professional experience.” Various Art Advisory Committees selected to evaluate these candidates will then narrow down this pool of pre-qualified artists into a group of up to five semi-finalists who may be expected to submit detailed design proposals specific to locations and to be interviewed. From those semi-finalists, the AACs will recommend candidate/s to be considered for final approval. HSFCA-commissioned artists must get both a General Excise License from the state of Hawaiʻi and a certificate of vendor compliance from Hawaiʻi Compliance Express, prior to the formal awarding of the contract. For further information, contact Karen Ewald, HSFCA Art in Public Places Director, at karen.a.ewald@hawaii.gov.

Artists can be from the continental U.S. or the international world of artistic professionals, but Hawaiʻi artists will be given special consideration. The HSFCA defines “Hawaiʻi artist” as fulfilling one of these conditions:

1.  Was born and/or educated in Hawai’i, regardless of whether he/she currently resides in Hawai’i or elsewhere;

2.  Obtained a major part of his or her artistic training and development in Hawai’i;

3.  Is a Hawaii resident; or

4.  Has made a significant impact in Hawaii through exhibitions, installations and/or commissions.

Commissioned artists will follow in the footsteps of the talented Hawaiʻi, mainland US, and global creative people who have contributed their works to the oldest prominent program of the HSFCA, Art in Public Places, which in the decade after Hawaiʻi statehood helped to recognize and celebrate the work of postwar nisei sculptors, muralists, mixed-media artists and painters. The histories of the HSFCA and Art in Public Places are at http://sfca.hawaii.gov/about-us/history/ and http://sfca.hawaii.gov/art-in-public-places/purpose-history/, and the Art in Public Places Collection Online Catalog is at

http://dags.hawaii.gov/sfca/app/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=1/ .


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