Has the coronavirus pandemic devastated or overturned your life? Are you stuck at home with but naught to do, hoping to leverage the shutdown by starting to learn more about your parents, grandparents and other küpuna (elderly community members)? Have you uncovered the artist within, composing original poems/songs/lyrics (such as haiku or mele), or creating your own written or video-recorded stories—even producing handmade, photographic, or digital artwork—that captures your experience of the viral outbreak, thereby illustrating this extraordinary time in world history through your imagination? The Center for Oral History of the Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa encourages the sharing of this information with the UHM COHES oral history archives, including your honest life writing, video or audio documentation, and/or creative works, to demonstrate what this era has meant to the Hawaiʻi people who lived through it, for the education of later generations.

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