Bon dance festival 2019 at Hawaii's Plantation Village. (Photo by Wayne Shinbara)
Bon dance festival 2019 at Hawaii’s Plantation Village. (Photo by Wayne Shinbara)

Around mid-April, The Hawaii Herald starts calling Japanese Buddhist temples and community organizations across the state. And this issue would normally include a four-page pull-out section filled with information including Hatsubon and obon services, Töro nagashi (lantern floating) and bon dance festivals.

Regretfully, this is the first summer in decades that the schedule seems up in the air, with many temples and venues canceling their festivities due to COVID-19. While all bon dance festivals on Kauai have been cancelled, a majority of the remaining temples are choosing to leave that decision up in the air for now, awaiting the possible re-opening of at least some parts of the state of Hawaiʻi. Priests and organizers are all keeping updated on the latest policy changes from various city mayors, Gov. Ige, and their island’s respective political leaders as well as the rapidly evolving national situation of how we are handling the virus from governmental, business, labor, scientific, and community perspectives. 

In such a moment-by-moment time of change, we will do our utmost to provide the details of obon events as our issues are published throughout the coming months.

The following temples CANCELLED bon dance festivals that were planned for JUNE. However, they are still making an effort to find ways to conduct services and welcome the public to call their offices for the latest information about temple services


Honomu Henjyoji Mission

Phone: 963-6308

Honomu Hongwanji

Phone: 963-6032

Papaikou Hongwanji

Phone: 964-1640

Obon Festival at Keauhou Shopping Center (Kona Hongwanji)

Phone: 323-2993

(Bon dance cancelled; no service)


Kauai Soto Zen Temple – Zenshuji

Phone: 335-3521

Koloa Jodo Mission

Phone: 742-6735 or 635-8530)

Lihue Hongwanji

Phone: 245-6262

Waimea Shingon Mission

Phone: 338-1854

West Kauai Hongwanji Hanapepe Temple

Phone: 335-3195


Lahaina Shingon Mission

Phone: 661-0466

Puunene Nichiren Mission

Phone: 871-4831

Wailuku Jodo Mission

Phone: 244-0066

Wailuku Shingon Mission Komyoji

Phone: 281-6723


Hawaii’s Plantation Village

Phone: 677-0110

Ewa Hongwanji

Phone: 681-5222

Wahiawa Hongwanji

Phone: 622-4320

Honpa Hongwanji Hawaii Betsuin

Phone: 536-7044

In the coming months, we will continue to gather the most up-to-date information from various temples around the state. Check back in our June 19 issue for July’s bon dance information and the July 17 issue for August’s bon dance information.


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