Trysen “TK” Kaneshige’s Many Art Forms Vibrate Positivity Across the 808

Jodie Chiemi Ching

“WHEREAS, hard-working, determined, passionate, and talented are words that describe Trysen ‘TK’ Kaneshige, in his journey towards an auspicious career in the creative arts as a local Kaua‘i boy with a simple, but in no way small, dream …” reads the first line of the proclamation presented to Kaneshige last year by Mayor Derek Kawakami on Feb. 19 at Kapa‘a High School. But Kaneshige’s story also has elements of darkness, healing, brotherhood and community.

The 25-year-old yonsei, known as “TKay2,” is a multimedia artist whose vibrant murals featuring positive messages can be seen all over the state. He found his calling after suffering a concussion from playing soccer in 2013. Brain trauma caused him to suffer from hearing sounds in his head, and not being able to play soccer led to depression and thoughts of suicide. So, Kaneshige turned to art for healing.

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