Dr. Christine R. Yano
Published with Permission

Editor’s note: This president’s message by Dr. Yano was recently published on the Association for Asian Studies’ #AsianNow blog page on April 4, 2020. You may read the post in its entirety at https://www.asianstudies.org/asian-studies-in-a-time-of-pandemic/.

Greetings from lush Mänoa Valley in sunny Honolulu! It is a strange time to become AAS President with the cancellation of our Boston conference and the realization of just how important these meetings are in renewing our friendships and ties to each other. We all feel the loss deeply…

But for now, I return to the present, and to my desk with a view, where everything looks as unchangingly beautiful as always, but nothing remains the same. We are living a nightmarish game-changer. Our days and minds are filled with numbers, projections, fears, Zoom meetings, and the strange newfound experience of time on our hands. We are mostly busy people, who just barely squeeze 25 hours in a day.

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