Coronavirus Claims Former Hawai‘i Nurse Who Treated AIDS Patients

Karleen Chinen
Reprinted from The Hawai‘i Herald,
June 6, 1986

Last Tuesday, April 7, was a deadly day in the state of New York. Seven hundred thirty-one people succumbed to the COVID-19 virus. “Behind every one of those numbers is an individual, is a family, is a mother, is a father, is a sister, is a brother,” stated New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo at his briefing that day.

In her life, Setsuko “Sets” Yoshida had been a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend. On April 7, the 21st century virus that has wrapped the world in fear for the last few months took the life of the 93-year-old retired nurse from Hawai‘i.

Sets Yoshida was a special nurse. In the mid-1980s, at the height of the AIDS scare, she was caring for HIV/AIDS patients in the infectious disease unit at The Queen’s Medical Center.

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