The Nagahama Kumin Undökai Brings a Community Together

Colin Sewake
Hawai‘i Herald Columnist

“Okinawa is such a beautiful place, not just the ocean and scenery and culture, but the people. I’ve been treated well and taken care of by many people here in what has become ‘My Hawai‘i.’” — Colin Sewake

The 46th annual Nagahama Kumin Undokai (Nagahama Residents Sports Day) was held last July at the Nagahama Undöjö (sports ground). Each year, I look forward to this community event because everyone comes out to gather and have fun.  

The announcement blared out on the village loudspeakers reminding everyone that the undökai was starting at 4 p.m. 

Aiya! I thought it was starting at 7 p.m.! So I finished up some computer work, changed into my workout clothes and put on my running shoes, and quickly walked over to the undöjö. I greeted the kuchö (community chief) Masaaki Toyama, and other neighbors as I took note of a signboard that listed the event sponsors and looked for my fellow yon-pan (Block No. 4) neighbors. Nagahama is divided into five neighborhood blocks, and I belong to the fourth block.

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