Kalaheo High School Students Make a Documentary About the Post-Battle of Okinawa Relief Effort

Dan Nakasone
Special to The Hawai‘i Herald

“History can teach us to have hope,” said Kalaheo High School senior, Kehaulani Bringas.

“Given the way things are today, this story gives me hope,” agreed Emily Casey, also a senior at Kalaheo.

They were responding to my question: “What was your top ‘takeaway’ from your National History Day project?” As juniors, Bringas and Casey had produced a video documentary on the post-Battle of Okinawa World War II relief effort from Hawai‘i to Okinawa for their project.

Their optimism comes in the face of the rising tension we see today dividing communities on a national and global level. I shouldn’t have been surprised that the despair many are feeling transcends generations. Still, hearing it come from these students rocked me back in my seat.

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