Karleen C. Chinen

Okagesama de . . .

For the last month or so, I’ve been searching for the right word to convey what I feel as I sign off and retire as editor of The Hawai‘i Herald. Lucky? Blessed? Fortunate? Yes, all of those, but not quite what I feel.

But, Okagesama de . . . I think that captures what I feel. I have had this career thanks to so many people and forces coming together. It was because of the support of my dad and mom and my siblings. It was timing, it was my education, it was my curious nature and, yes, some hard-headedness. It was stories I couldn’t let go of — stories I wanted everyone to know about. It was the support of our late publisher, Paul Yempuku, who trusted in me as a writer and gave me the opportunity to lead the Herald as editor. It was my belief that you deserved interesting, and informative stories that were well written and edited.

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