68th Cherry Blossom Queen Contestant, Taylor Date
Taylor Date


High School: Punahou School

College/Degree: Seattle University, Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications, minor in Journalism

Occupation: Marketing assistant

Hobbies: Searching for cute cafes, playing soccer and watching k-dramas.

How do you live “kaizen,” continuous growth/improvement, in your daily life?

“Just over a year ago, I was sitting on the floor of my empty apartment in Shizuoka, Japan. It was the first time that I was completely on my own and looking forward to the experience of working abroad. I made a promise to myself to take advantage of the cultural opportunities and live ‘kaizen.’ I called upon my childhood Japanese classes to engage in simple conversations with my neighbors and peers. I took baking classes, language courses and even joined a soccer team! Over time, I developed meaningful connections with the community members around me. When it was time for me to depart, I was very sad to leave Shizuoka. Upon returning home to Hawaii, I wanted to continue this journey of growth and apply the principle of kaizen into my everyday life by challenging myself to new experiences and developing meaningful connections.”

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