HUOA’s 2020 President Looks Ahead to a Year of Milestone Anniversaries

Lynn Miyahira
Published with Permission

I am so honored to be here today. So, Governor David Ige, First Lady Dawn Amano Ige, fellow Gajanchu (members of Miyahira’s ancestral village club, Gaza Yonagusuku Doshi Kai), Mayor Kirk Caldwell, Consul General Koichi Ito and Mrs. Ito, honored guests and friends . . . Aloooooooooha.

Twenty-twenty is an incredibly special year for our Okinawan community here in Hawai‘i. The theme that I chose for this year is “Ukaji Deebiru: Celebrating 120 Years of Uchinanchu in Hawai‘i,” and under this umbrella theme, we’ll also be celebrating a long list of anniversaries: First, the 60th anniversary of the Honolulu-Naha Sister City Relationship (established in 1960).

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