Michael G. Malaghan
Special to The Hawai‘i Herald

“I hate Tökyö Decembers,” murmured Hiromi, surprising even herself that she had spoken up. It was just an hour after lunch, but already the amber sun had begun fading into broken patches of orange glow peeking between Marunouchi’s skyscrapers. Her co-worker’s furtive glance at her declaration lasted but a second. Hiromi’s head slumped over a Remington typewriter in the middle table in a row of 16 cramped, unvarnished wooden desks. Her Propaganda Section of the Foreign Affairs office, or Gaimusho, had donated their steel desks to the War Ministry to smelt into steel for tanks and shells for the never-ending China war — a war for which she wrote “news stories” of predictable victories for the English-language press. 

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