Excerpts from Bill Fernandez’s Latest Book

Introduction: In the 1920s, when Hawai‘i’s imported plantation workers began striking for living wages and decent living conditions in their camps, the plantation managers responded with violence, including the use of guns.

“Terrorism in Paradise” by Kaua‘i native Bill Fernandez is a historical novel set in the Islands during the tumultuous years of communist labor organizing worldwide. It tells the story of the impact of the 1924 massacre in Hanapëpë on Kaua‘i. The book’s hero, Grant Kingsley (“Cult of Ku” and “Crime & Punishment in Hawaii”), loses his father to an explosion at the plantation owners’ offices — the Hawaiian Sugar Planters Association — in Honolulu. Years earlier, Japanese worker demands had led to dynamiting, death and prison. Were the Japanese behind this attack, as well? Kingsley and Detective Asing are determined to learn the killer’s identity as Honolulu suffers from more explosions. If they fail, thousands of Japanese plantation workers could be rounded up and imprisoned.

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