“Hands In Helping Out” is Helping to Build a Kinder, More Giving Community

Jackie Kojima
Special to The Hawai‘i Herald

When December rolls around, most kids get to work on their Christmas wish list, hoping for the newest gadgets and toys. Adults, smitten by holiday sales, rush to the malls to shop till they drop. Cheri Kishimoto’s father, however, had a different vision for his family.

When Cheri was in the second grade, her father decided to take his family Christmas caroling with his two friends and their families. His initial attempt to contact children’s hospitals was unsuccessful, as other carolers had already offered to visit. Kishimoto ended up calling a senior home instead, where his group received a warm welcome. Kishimoto learned from the staff that they were the first group of carolers to offer to share Christmas cheer with the seniors. Since then, the Kishimotos have continued their tradition of Christmas caroling every year.

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