Ryan Tatsumoto
Hawai‘i Herald Columnist

Although eggnog is a favorite during the holiday season, the classic rum and whisky-laden crème and eggs tend to make me feel a little bloated. And I’ll never turn down a flute of Champagne, however, I prefer to wait until the New Year to do my uncorking. Of course, we could always celebrate with crafted cocktails, which are good any time of year!

In the old days, you would go to a bar where the bartender/sympathetic friend served you drinks while listening to your woes. Now known as “mixologists,” they are on the same podium as celebrity chefs at food and wine festivals. And they sling more than just draft beer. To achieve the perfect cocktail, they create signature “bitters and shrubs” (drinkable vinegars) and infuse vodka, gin and whiskies with a variety of flavors. But mixologists aren’t the only people who can create these libations — you can make them in your kitchen!

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