Keynote Speaker Dr. Sakai Talks About “Tapping” Trauma Away

Jodie Chiemi Ching

This past September, I attended the Sunrise Foundation Hawaii’s annual “Journeys To Wellness VIII” — “A gathering offering thoughtful reflections and spiritual practices toward achieving a healthy and harmonious body, mind, spirit and community.” Our editor here at The Herald, Karleen Chinen, knew about my experience with Guillain Barré syndrome, discoid lupus and journey to wellness, and asked if I would like to cover the event and write the story you are reading right now.

And since the Sunrise Foundation was started by Rev. Dr. Wally Fukunaga — who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007, and turned to self-awareness, nutrition, meditation, exercise, and energy and light healing to reclaim his health — I felt a connection to him and the event.

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