Michael G. Malaghan
Special to The Hawai‘i Herald

Shivers’ futile efforts to find any spies over the past two years paralleled the growing affection he and his wife felt for Sue. All of his instincts, nurtured by decades of experience, were being challenged. Despite Washington’s hysteria prophesying their disloyalty, any Issei or Nisei in Hawai‘i would love nothing more than to be approached by a Japanese agent so they could turn him in to the FBI. Sure, some of the Issei might support the Imperial forces if they attacked America, but sympathy for Imperial Japan is not the same as sabotage. Still, the havoc that one well-trained Japanese agent could cause worried Shivers. That “it only takes one” rejoinder frequented Washington’s response to his reports that America had little to worry about its Japanese living in Hawai‘i.

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