'Daughter of Lupin.'
“Daughter of Lupin.”


“Scarlet,” premieres Tuesday, Dec. 3 at 7:15 p.m.

The 101st drama series is “Scarlet,” which follows the life and career of Kimiko Kawahara (Erika Toda) pioneering the way for women in the male-dominated field of ceramics in Japan after World War II. Kimiko is a ceramic artist in Shigaraki, one of Japan’s major ceramic production centers. Her passion and joy for creativity overcome all thwarted efforts and difficulties. The series portrays the dramatic life of a woman with determination and positive outlook in life. Fully subtitled in English.

“Made in Hiroshima: Spearheading Innovation,” Monday, Dec. 16 at 7:35 p.m.

Neuroscientist Kenichiro Mogi uses his unique perspective to uncover the appeal of industries unique to Hiroshima Prefecture. What is their secret to fostering innovation? Fully subtitled in English.

“Boku ga Warauto,” Monday, Dec. 30 at 7:35 p.m.

In 1937 in Osaka, Juzaburo, a professor, and his cheerful, gentle wife of 10 years, Seiko, are not blessed with children. Juzaburo has accepted this, but Seiko’s desire to become a mother hasn’t gone away. She sees children at an orphanage and discusses the adoption of orphans with him. Her eagerness overwhelms him, and they adopt Kota… Six years later, the Suzukis is a big family with five children. But before long, life becomes increasingly difficult because of the war. Even so, Juzaburo and Seiko keep on smiling and so did their children. However, the war steadily cast a shadow on the family’s future. Fully subtitled in English.

“Genbaku Shiryokan: Hiroshima o Nokosu (Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum: Passing Down Hiroshima’s Memories),” Monday, Dec. 30 at 9:15 p.m.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum opened 10 years after the Atomic bomb was dropped, and it reopened on April 25, 2019 after renovations. With a focus on real-life pictures, the museum displays mementos from those who perished, as well as pictures from the time of the bombing, and paintings from those exposed to radiation. What are the thoughts of those who donated the mementos? What about the thoughts of elementary students in Hiroshima? How will the new generation handle Hiroshima’s wish for abolition of nuclear weapons? Fully subtitled in English.

“Amanogawa,” Tuesday, Dec. 31 at 7:35 p.m.

Shiori is a high school girl in Tokyo, who is not good at arguing. Her mother, Satomi, is a researcher of artificial intelligence and has little time to spend with Shiori. Education-obsessed, Satomi forces Shiori to study. Fed up, Shiori stops going to school. When she visits her beloved grandma who taught her to play “taiko” drums, she agrees to stay on the mystical island Yakushima in the southen sea of Japan. There, Shiori meets a robot. Communicating with the robot, Shiori finds her way to live again. Fully subtitled in English.

“Shimanami Otakara Road,” Tuesday, Dec. 31 at 9:25 p.m.

The “Shimanami Kaido” connects Onomichi in Hiroshima and Imabari in Ehime. This ocean road connects the islands with bridges and is globally famous as a cycling spot! A comedian from Hiroshima will take the Shimanami Kaido on his bicycle! With members of “STU48,” an idol group popular around the Seto Inland Sea area, they’ll introduce popular places to visit! Fully subtitled in English.

NGN 3 MOVIE CHANNEL (Spectrum Digital Ch. 679/HD 1679)

Premiere titles air on Friday. “Movie of the Month” premieres on the first Saturday. Movies are shown at various times. Check your digital on–screen guide for movie schedules, using either the GUIDE or INFO buttons (up to one week ahead). Or call NGN, Mon.–Fri. from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 538–1966 for inquiries or to request an e–mail of NGN 3 programming information. All movies are in Japanese language with full English subtitles.

Special Programs

“Fukuoka Ren’ai Hakusho (Love Stories from Fukuoka),” 2018/2019 drama,  1 hour and 41 minutes.

Starring Yosuke Sugino, Nao, Sei Shiraishi and Jin Nishiyama.

“Love Stories from Fukuoka” is based on real-life stories submitted by viewers about their personal experiences with love, loss and longing. In “Beyond Your World,” Sota falls in love with a girl who was born deaf. Determined not to give up, Sota starts learning sign language, and they fall in love. Will they be able to overcome the fact that they live in different worlds? In “Tenjin Love Song,” Miki, a senior in high school, no longer trusts people or goes on dates after being betrayed by her classmates and ex-boyfriend. The only meaning in her life is music. Singing with her guitar, she shares videos on social media. One day, Miki gets a comment from Naoto.

“Otoko wa Tsuraiyo Torajiro Wasurenagusa (Tora-san’s Forget-Me-Not),” 1973 drama, 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Directed by Yoji Yamada. Starring Kiyoshi Atsumi and Chieko Baisho.

Riding the train in Hokkaido, itinerant peddler Tora-san meets Lily (Ruriko Asaoka), a cabaret singer, who later visits him in Shibamata. They fall in love, but argue and she eventually marries a sushi chef. This, the 11th film in the long-running series, is the first of four films featuring Lily, the most enduring of Tora-san’s “Madonnas.”

Movies in Alphabetical Order

“Anego (The Boss’ Wife),” 1988 action film, 1 hour and 41 minutes.

Directed by Ryuichi Takamori. Starring Hitomi Kuroki and Hiroki Matsukata.

The widow of a murdered yakuza boss serves jail time for attacking the man she believes killed her husband. After her release, as she is shadowed by a hitman, she is willing to go to any lengths to take revenge on her husband.

“Asama no Abarenbo (Free Spirit of Asama),” 1959 jidaigeki, 1 hour and 24 minutes.

Directed by Toshikazu Kono. Starring Kinnosuke Nakamura amd Satomi Oka.

Wanderer Itaro saves the lives of those who are in need of protection while traveling across the country.

“Daininjutsu Eiga Watari (Watari, the Ninja Boy),” 1966 ninja/samurai action film, 1 hour and 27 minutes.

Directed by Sadao Funadoko. Starring Yoshinobu Kaneko, Ryutaro Otomo, Chiyoko

Honma and Fuyukichi Maki.

Historic rivals, the Momochi and Fujibayashi ninja clans are governed by the strict code of the ninja, where disobedience is punishable by death.

A skilled ninja, Watari is befriended by a fellow young ninja, Kazura. Upon learning of Kazura’s sister’s death during a mission for the clan, Watari and Kazura set out to go after those who took her life. However, Watari and Kazura soon find their own lives at risk as they uncover the shocking details of lies and conspiracy among the heads of the Momochi and Fujibayashi clans in their efforts to maintain power and control.

“Fudatsuki Bakuto (A Wad of Notes),” 1970 action film, 1 hour and 33 minutes.

Directed by Shigehiro Ozawa. Starring Koji Tsuruta and Minoru Oki.

A lone gambler tries to keep a yakuza family from taking over a festival in Kitakyushu. After being away from his hometown for 13 years, Ryuji comes back and saves the town that is becoming run-down from yakuza’s ill deeds.


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