The Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce is accepting applications for the third annual Hawaii-Hiroshima Emerging Young Business Leaders Program.

This program starts in Honolulu, running from Nov. 12 to 15. It also includes a program in Hiroshima in March 2020. The program is aimed at developing the next generation of leaders who are interested in broadening their knowledge of and exposure to leadership skills, international business development and Japanese culture.

The program was created as part of Hawai‘i’s sister-state relationship with Hiroshima. It is administered through a partnership between HJCC and the Hiroshima Prefectural Government.

The primary objectives are: 1) to build skills and awareness among Hawai‘i’s young professionals to drive change in local organizations and global communities; 2) to expose participants to business models, challenges and opportunities that business leaders face locally and globally, and 3) to raise Hawai‘i’s and Hiroshima’s profiles internationally and create long-lasting business and interpersonal relationships between participants.

The program features a curriculum of guest speakers, business tours and other events in Hawai‘i and Hiroshima. The curriculum aims to foster individual, group and professional growth, and provides networking and growth opportunities for those interested in international business.

Applications are due Friday, Oct. 11. For more information or to obtain an application, contact HJCC president/CEO Wayne Ishihara at 949-5531, or email


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