Michael G. Malaghan
Special to The Hawai‘i Herald


1941-1944 — Hawai‘i; Japan; Camp Shelby, Miss.; and Italy. On Page One of “A Question of Loyalty,” we share the shock of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor with Haru and her family. We watch in despair as the FBI arrests Kenji just hours after his son, Kenta, rushes to serve in his University of Hawai‘i ROTC unit even as Kenta’s older brother already serving in the Army is stripped of his weapon. We hear the FBI’s response to the bombing from the Takayamas’ daughter, who is living with FBI agent in charge Robert Shivers’ family as their au pair. We share Haru’s fears for the safety of her two American-born children caught in Japan after the Pearl Harbor attack and admire her eldest son’s involvement in the effort to fend off mass incarceration of the Japanese in Hawai‘i.

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