Karleen Chinen

Out of space. Out of time. Out of energy. And, oh yes, the office A/C was off, which made us feel like we were working in a sauna as we worked on our annual Okinawan Festival edition three weeks ago.

Space really was the real issue. There was no more space in the issue to write the commentary that had been stewing in my head for several days. In a way, it all worked out, though, because feedback to the issue came in almost immediately. In addition to the festival information, readers were impressed with all of the feature stories because they enhanced their knowledge of the Okinawan community. One woman who identified herself as a longtime Herald subscriber emailed us that Friday night, asking if she could purchase extra copies of contributing writer Dan Nakasone’s story, “From Yaaninjyu to ‘Ohana,” about the 35th reunion of his now-five-generations-old Wahiawä Nakasone family.

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