Meet Three Big Island Community Spirits Who Keep Their Communities Resilient and Relevant

Dan Nakasone
Special to The Hawai‘i Herald

Each of the islands of Hawai‘i has its own unique qualities that draw you to them. I love all of the islands, but the Big Island is — and will always be — my favorite.

It’s the diversity of landscapes and how the land affects its residents that make the Big Island special to me. The people are surrounded by the primal forces of nature that can be both beautiful and destructive at the same time. But the island is their home and community, so they try to find peace, despite this confluence of contradiction. For those who live in impact zones, be it from lava, earthquakes or the eruption fallout of vog and ash, life is unpredictable and unsettling. But most have come to grips with that reality. Between volcanic episodes, life goes on, and they make the best of it.

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