The Kona Shop Has Been Keeping a Hawaiian Tradition Alive for 105 Years

Jodie Chiemi Ching

“Put your hands into the soil, it’s good for your soul; you get back to where life begins,” said Renee Kimura, the fourth-generation owner and manager of Kimura Lauhala Shop in Kona. Here, the natural scent of the lauhala, enhanced by the warm Kona wind, welcomes visitors from near and far.

“Lau” means leaf in Hawaiian language and refers to the leaves of the “hala,” or Pandanus tree.

A walk through the lauhala shop takes you back to the old plantation days. Photographs of the Kimura ancestors hang on the walls. There are binders fat with articles and more photographs of the old days, along hundreds of hand-woven lauhala items from various artisans.

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