Michael G. Malaghan
Special to The Hawai‘i Herald

Chapter 155
The Re-Paganization of Hawaii
by Andy Pafko

Don’t be fooled by the Buddhist temples looking like your friendly garden-variety Methodist church. The more these heathen outposts look like our places of worship, the more the threat to our Christian heritage. Don’t be fooled by Roman Catholic-style robes . . .

Haru threw down the paper. The Advertiser had sunk to a new low. All rubbish, she thought, using an old word with a new meaning that she had recently picked up.

How could the newspaper allow Pafko to roll out such old, worn-out drivel? But she knew why. By pandering to its racist haole readership, the Advertiser sold not only newspapers but advertising, as well. While Haru considered only a minority of haoles to be racist, she feared that if the white community were fed a daily barrage of biased muck, some of it would stick.

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