“Tadaima Osu Shotengai.”
“Tadaima Osu Shotengai.”

NGN — Spectrum Ch. 677/HD 1677 (For updated information, call 538-1966)


“Colorful 4K Hokkaido Kuchu Sanpo,” Thursday, May 2 at 7:35 p.m.

A drone equipped with 4K camera shows you beautiful Hokkaido over four seasons. You will be enchanted with sceneries of Hokkaido! Fully subtitled in English.

“Matsuko no Shiranai Sekai* (World Unknown to Matsuko),” premiers Sunday, May 5 at 7:20 p.m.

A talk show in which experts from a variety of specialty fields are invited to introduce a surprising and “deep” world unbeknownst to MC Matsuko and viewers. Fully subtitled in English.

“Retake – Toki o Kakeru Omoi,” premiers Wednesday, May 8 at 7:35 p.m. According to a research, almost 90% people wish they could reset their lives.

Protagonist Shinji Aratani is a man who lost everything around him – successful career, family, and friends – due to a twist of fate. His current job title is Chief of Registry Supervision Division of Ministry of Justice. The division’s true duty is to accomplish the top-secret mission from Secretary of Justice to “isolate time travelers in a special residential district and keep them under a close watch.” In the near future, it’s expected that time machine will be invented and there will be time travelers coming back from the future to the present time. The division was established in order to not let these time travelers change or affect the present and also to prevent big confusion from happening. Fully subtitled in English.

”Eki ni Piano o Oitanara,” Thursday, May 9 at 7:35 p.m.

Two train stations in Saga Prefecture have piano. The pianos at train stations are the ideal stage for everyday artists to have a little fun at the keys while while waiting for their train. Fully subtitled in English.

“Nagaiki Kyoso (Race to Longevity),” Mondays, May 13 & 20 at 7:35 p.m.

Satoshi and his five buddies have been friends since elementary school. They all turned 76. Health guru Akio offers a certain plan to his five friends: why not compete to see who can live the longest? What does it mean to be alive? An emotional story to rediscover the small joy s of living. Fully subtitled in English.

“Radiation House,” Premiers Monday, May 27 at 7:35 p.m.

Iori Igarashi is a talented medical radiographer who believes that ‘truth’ will always be captured in CT and MRI images. After receiving a high degree of recognition for his work in the U.S., he returns to Japan to begin working at a hospital where Dr. An Amakasu, his first love, works. Iori arrives late because of the incident on the bus, but is finally reunited with An. Although she does not remember him at all and he gets quite a shock, their meeting eventually turns out to be a life-changing moment. Fully subtitled in English.

“Tadaima Osu Shotengai (Osu Street, I’m Back),” Premiers Wednesday, May 29 at 7:15 p.m.

Kumiko, together with her 9-year-old son, travels back to her hometown of Osu for the first time in 27 years. Her family runs a famous, long-established Japanese sweets shop in the town’s shopping arcade. One day, she learns about a plan to redevelop the area into a large city and a fierce public debate between the supporters and opponents of the plan. Kumiko vows to stop the redevelopment to protect the charm of good old Osu. Fully subtitled in English.

Movie of the Month

“RANMARU Kami no Shita o Motsu Otoko (RANMARU: The Man With The God Tongue),” 2016 drama, 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi. Starring Osamu Mukai and Fumino Kimura.

Ranmaru is a shy, dorky guy with a tongue that can analyze any element simply by licking an object, a skill that allows him to solve all manner of crimes. With his cute, but annoying sidekick, plus the steadying hand of friend Kanji, Ranmaru solves a a nasty murder mystery that devastates a failing hot spring resort deep in the mountains.

Movies in Alphabetical Order

“Furyu Fukagawa Uta (Deep River Melody),” 1960, drama, 1hour and 27 minutes.

Directed by So Yamamura So.  Starring Hibari Misora, Koji Tsuruta and Isuzu Yamada.

A poignant story about a young couple, Setsu and Chozo, who are torn apart to save Setsu’s father’s restaurant.

“Gokudo no Onnatachi 2 (Yakuza Ladies 2),” 1987 action film, 2 hours.

Directed by Toru Dobashi. Starring Yukiyo Toake and Rino Katase.

Yuki, the wife of a leading member of the Domoto family, must assume her husband’s role as a yakuza boss while he serves out a prison sentence. As she grows into her new role, she manages to assert control and increase the influence of her organization. But when her husband is released from prison, she finds him a changed man, lacking the character necessary to be a powerful yakuza leader. Conflict ensues and their marriage is challenged by a desire for power.

“Hakuchu no Shikaku (Dead Angle),” 1979 drama, 2 hours 34 minutes.

Directed by Masahiro Makino. Starring Isamu Natsuki, Sonny Chiba, Shigeru Amachi and Katsu Ryuzaki.

Elite college graduates commit perfect financial crimes though loopholes in the law during the 1950’s.

“Hana to Arashi to Gang (Flower, Storm and Gangster),” 1961 drama, 1 hour 24 mimutes.

Directed by Teruo Ishii. Starring Ken Takakura.

A story of brotherly love amongst the men who commit a bank robbery.

“Hibari no Oshare Kyojo (Hibari Is Fashion Crazy),” 1961 jidaigeki, 1 hour 23 minutes.

Directed by Yasushi Sasaki. Starring: Hibari Misora, Shoji Yasui and Kyoko Aoyama.

Under a decree by the Shogun Matsudaira, people of all classes are forced to lead a frugal lifestyle. However, Omitsu, a woman thought to have gone mad after the sudden death of her father, openly disobeys this order and goes around town fancifully dressed. Unbeknownst to those around her, Omitsu is merely acting, using her perceived madness to roam around town as she secretly conducts her own investigation into her father’s death. Will her cunning ploy help her to uncover the truth?

“Hibari Torimonocho Orizuru Kago (Paper Crane Palanquin),” 1960 jidaigeki, 1hours 28 minutes.

Directed by Eiichi Endo. Starring: Hibari Misora and Kotaro Satomi.

The death of a samurai in a palanquin leads girl detective Oshichi to take action to crush a plot to overthrow the Shogunate.

“Himitsu: THE TOP SECRET (The Top Secret: Murder in Mind),” 2016 drama, 2 hours 29 minutes.

Directed by Keishi Ohtomo. Starring Toma Ikuta and Masaki Okada.

Set in the late 21st century, the unit No.9 is a special Police that uncover the unsolved cold cases by using a special MRI scanner. It can scan the brains of dead people in order to visualize memories from their lifetimes. Rookie agent Aoki and unit chief Maki are tasked with a new mission: they must visualize the memories of a man executed for murdering his own family, and also find his daughter Kinuko, who has been missing since the tragedy. However, the images extracted from the man’s brain show that the brutal homicides were actually committed by Kinuko…

“Jeans Blues Asu Naki Buraiha (Ruffiances Without Tomorrow),” 1990 action film, 1 hours 55 minutes.

Directed by Sadao Nakajima. Starring Meiko Kaji.

A fantastic action thriller starring Meiko Kaji. Will Hijiriko and Jiro manage to escape from the gangsters and the police?

“Kibou no Otome,” 1958 drama, 1hours 36 minutes.

Directed by Yasushi Sasaki, Starring Hibari Misora, Ken Takakura and Toru Ono.

Sayuri, a young woman born to a simple life on a farm, moves to Tokyo to pursue a life long dream of becoming a singer.

“Kyokuto Kuroshakai (Dark Society in the East),” 1993 action film, 1 hour 50 minutes.

Directed by Shokaku Baba. Starring Koji Yakusho and Masahiko Kondo.

A story about the activities of Southeast Asian Mafia gangs in Shinjuku. Ryosuke Kano is an ex French Foreign Legion soldier and is now a cocaine smuggler and dealer. He is acquainted with Larry, a Japanese American, but he turned out to be an undercover cop from NY.

“Matatabi Sannin Yakuza (Three Yakuza),” 1965 jidaigeki, 2 hours.

Director by Tadashi Sawashima. Starring Kinnosuke Nakamura, Tatsuya Nakadai and Hiroki Matsukata

The lives of three kindhearted yakuza trying to make their way in the world: Kutaro saves the poverty-stricken farmers from an evil official; Sentaro rescues a girl from a whore house; Genta returns to his hometown to reunite with his daughter.   

“Onmitsu Shichishoki (The Abandoned Swords),” 1958 samurai film, 1 hour 43 minutes.

Directed by Sadatsugu Matsuda. Starring Chiyonosuke Azuma, Kinnosuke Nakamura, Hibari Misora and Ryunosuke Tsukiata.

Best friends Gentaro and Sanpei become fateful enemies when one of them steals a secret document revealing the identity of the chosen successor to the Shogun.

“Ooinaru Bakushin (Devotion to Railway),” 1960 action film, 1 hour 28 minutes.

Directed by Hideo Sekikawa. Starring Katsuo Nakamura and Rentaro Mikuni.

A human drama of crew and passengers on a special express train “Sakura”

“Ougon Kujakujo Dai-Sanbu (Golden Peacock Castle Part 3),” 1961 samurai/action film, 57 minutes.

Directed by Shoji Matsumura. Starring Totsuben Sawamura, Kotaro Satomi and Shingo Yamashiro.

The battle for the Golden Peacock Castle continues in this third installment of the famed movie series. Heroes Hiuchimaru and Sakon discover hidden powers residing in the Peacock seal emblazoned on items they carry, while Gondaiyu continues his relentless attacks in pursuit of the hidden treasures locked away in the castle.

“Ougon Kujakujo Kanketsu-hen (Golden Peacock Castle: Final Episode),” 1953 samurai/action film, 55 minutes.

Directed by Shoji Matsuura. Starring Totsuben Sawamura, Kotaro Satomi and Shingo Yamashiro.

The struggle between the evil Gondaiyu and the remnants of Golden Peacock Castle comes to an end in this exciting finale. Gondaiyu and Danjo plot to take over the Shogun’s army while continuing their efforts to eliminate Sakon and Hiuchimaru.

“Ramen Kuitee (Lost in Ramen),” 2018 drama, 1 hour 42 minutes.

Starring Yurika Nakamura and Wakana Aoi.

High school student Marie tries to commit suicide due to gossip and rumors. Akashi shutters his ramen shop’s doors once his wife dies. Cooking expert Akahoshi has an accident in western China and is lost in the desert. All are feeling devastated until they connect and find magic through a bowl of warm ramen at “Seiran.” The ramen changes their life. It’s a touching and heartwarming story.

“Seizoroi Tokaido (The Glorious Tokaido),” 1963 jidaigeki, 1 hour 34 minutes.

Directed by Sadatsugu Matsuda, Starring  Chiezo Kataoka and Kinya Kitaoji.

Famous Jirocho steps in to save his henchman, Chokichi’s turf from evil officials.

“Shakotan Boogie (Shakotan Boogie-Woogie),” 1987 action 1 hour 29 minutes.

Starring: Kazuya Kimura and Kazuhiko Kanayama

Two friends are into shakotan, the Japanese term for low-riders. The adventure of low-riding youths includes picking up girls and cross-cultural drag racing.

“Shikingen Goudatsu (Cross the Rubicon!),” 1975 action, 1 hour 32 minutes.

Directed Kinji Fukasaku. Starring Kinya Kitaoji and Hiroki Matsukata.

Battles without honor and humanity – after 8 years in prison, Takeshi’s mission is a big heist from his own clan’s gambling parlor.

“Tenku no Hachi (The Big Bee),” 2015 drama, 2 hours 16 minutes.

Directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi. Starring: Yosuke Eguchi and Masahiro Motoki.

A massive helicopter named “Big B” is hijacked by terrorists. The attack target is the nuclear power plants and the hostage is whole population of Japan. The time limit is only 8 hours.

August 8th, 1995. At Kaneshige Industries’ Komaki Plant in Aichi Prefecture, a ceremony is held to mark the delivery of “Big B,” Japan’s largest and most advanced helicopter, to the Japan Defense Agency. Suddenly, Big B is activated remotely by some unknown agent. The aircraft’s designer Yubara is doubly shocked: his elementary school-age son Takahiko has accidentally become trapped on board.

“Wakasama Zamurai Torimonocho Senketsu no Ningyo (Case of a Young Lord 6),” 1957 jidaigeki, 1hour 23 minutes.

Directed by Kinnosuke Fukada. Starring: Hashizo Okawa, Sentaro Fushimi and Keiko Okawa.

Young lord must reveal the truth on the mysterious death of the fireworks craftsman whose body was found surrounded by eerie mermaids.

“Yagyu Bugeicho Katame no Jubei (Yagyu Military Art: Jubei’s Redemption),” 1963 jidaigeki, 1 hour 25 minutes.

Directed by Koukichi Uchide. Starring Jushiro Konoe, Hiroki Matsukata and Shingo Yamashiro.

Jubei must prove the innocence of his family who is suspected of conspiring to take Shogun’s life.

“Yoto Monogatari Hana no Yoshiwara Hyakuningiri (Tale of a Mystical Sword),” 1960 jidaigeki, 1 hour 49 minutes.

Directed by Tomu Uchida. Starring: Chiezo Kataoka.

A successful textile industrialist from the countryside, who is beloved by his employees for his kindness, cannot find a wife because of a disfiguring birthmark on his face. Even the courtesans in Yoshiwara refuse to entertain him, but an indentured peasant prostitute, Tamazuru, treats him with brash tenderness. “The scar is not on your heart,” she says, and he falls madly in love with her, ultimately losing his fortune in the expensive quest to purchase her freedom.


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