Michael G. Malaghan
Special to The Hawai‘i Herald

Chapter 151

In the wake of FDR’s July 1941 oil embargo announcement, Robert Shivers convened an emergency meeting of the Committee for Interracial Unity at his home.

Col. Kendall J. Fielder of Army intelligence arrived first. He was in charge of the internal security of Hawai‘i. Sue, dressed in a zebra-striped dress cinched conservatively at the waist and trimmed with white lace around the hem, greeted him at the door. She took his garrison cap and slim leather briefcase and then waited for him to unlace his boots. Shivers had assured his guests that they did not have to remove their shoes, even though he and his wife had adopted the habit after Sue introduced it to them. Like most haoles in Hawai‘i, he admitted that tracking dirt into the house made no sense.

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