MY HAWAII By Colin Sewake

Location: Nagahama, Yomitan; January 2019

No, I’m not referring to my bowling ball, but rather to my Nissan Serena minivan.I left home to pick up my son Yoshiaki (“Aki”) from Yomitan High School and then take him to his juku (cram school) in Okinawa-shi (Okinawa City). For the past few years, I have been using a farmers’ road above my house as a shortcut. The road is nicely paved, but it’s narrow — two cars would have to proceed slowly and carefully when passing each other. I never had problems using this road, until today, when an oncoming van bigger than mine came speeding around the curve as I was going uphill. It didn’t help that the weather was rainy and windy. We both slowed down, but instead of hugging his side of the road, the driver of the other van took up most of the middle of the road, so I pulled farther left than usual.

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