Hawai‘i-born New York Writer Credits Family for His Love of Music

Alan Suemori
Special to The Hawai‘i Herald

The true believer’s day begins at night as he wanders through the rainy streets of Manhattan, looking for the next big thing. He’s heard a rumor from people he trusts about a tenor saxophonist, just arrived from the hinterlands, who is drawing raves. On a lonely side street off a crowded boulevard he finds the address and walks into the tiny club. It is already packed with other pilgrims who have come to see if the stories are true. Standing in a quiet spotlight up on stage is the young man that everyone has come to see. He begins to play softly, warming up to the crowd slowly. But from the very beginning even the agnostics are converted and they edge up to the edge of their seats to soak in every note that floats languorously throughout the room.

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