In Japanese, a person with a spirited willingness to do his best when it matters most is said to have nebarigoshi––literally, “stick-to-it hips.” The Japanese claim sticky, slimy foods like natto, a wonderful fermented soybean dish, help promote a stick-to-it attitude. In fact, natto does indeed give you stamina and vitality. It is an amazing food that turns back the clock on the aging process.

When you think “sticky” or “slimy,” what foods come to mind? Natto, the ubiquitous Japanese breakfast dish? Or perhaps the lovely green okra? Or maybe one of the many “slimy” foods like kelp that come from the sea. These are not special or unique foods, but foods which Japanese enjoy every day. These are also foods known for giving us vitality. Dr. Tetsuhiro Shigeno, head of the Tetsuhiro Shigeno Clinic, is a staunch advocate of a traditional Japanese diet. Dr. Shigeno has successfully used the traditional Japanese diet to treat chronic and lifestyle-related illnesses. We asked Dr. Shigeno about the value of sticky slimy foods.

“Natto is the king of sticky foods. It rejuvenates the blood and builds soft, flexible blood vessels. Yamaimo (a sticky, slimy Japanese yam) invigorates our body, gives us vitality, and helps balance our hormone levels. Satoimo (dasheen), konbu (kelp) and okra all provide slightly different benefits, and each is a superlative food in its own way,” said Dr. Shigeno. Many readers may shy away at the thought of sticky, slimy foods. After reading this article, however, you may just change your mind.

To be continued

(Translated by Roy Mashima)

(The information provided should not be construed as medical advice or instruction. Consult your physician before attempting any new program. Readers who fail to consult appropriate health authorities assume the risk of developing serious medical conditions.)


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