The East Hawaii Hiroshima Kenjin Kai will celebrate the arrival of the “Year of the Boar” at its annual luncheon meeting on Saturday, Feb. 23, at the Honpa Hongwanji Hilo Betsuin Sangha Hall.

A short business meeting conducted by Kenjin Kai president Jon Arizumi will begin at 10:30 a.m. At that time, the Beiju celebrants — those members reaching the auspicious age of 88 in 2019 — will be recognized. They will include Lester Fushikoshi, Albert Idemoto, Shigeno Kawamoto, Chiyono Kinoshita, Ernest Kubota, Herbert Marutani, Kimiyo Marutani, Nancy Matsui, Akiko Miyashita, Robert Y. Ouye, Lynne Yoshie Shimazu, Shizue Tanaka, Tsutomu Ueno, Emiko Watanabe and Janet Yamashiro. Family members and friends of the honorees are encouraged to attend the luncheon and support their Beiju celebrant.

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