Hui O Laulima recently awarded $15,000 in grants to 10 organizations for specific projects aimed at perpetuating Okinawan culture. “Each awardee demonstrated potential to promote and expand the influence of our vibrant and colorful Okinawan culture,” noted HOL cultural grants committee chair Karen Fuse.

Hui O Laulima, which is a member-club of the Hawaii United Okinawa Association, is a nonprofit women’s organization that offers grants annually to individuals and organizations that promote and perpetuate the unique culture of Okinawa in Hawai‘i. Grants were awarded to:

• Afuso Ryu Choichi Kai Maui: Financial assistance to fly sensei to Maui for monthly sanshin classes.

• Jimpu Kai USA Kin Ryosho Ryukyu Geino Kenkyusho: Airfare assistance for two sensei to conduct research and present a lecture/demonstration in Okinawa.

• Kohala Okinawa Kenjin Kai: Airfare assistance for four members of Ukwanshin Kabudan and Young Okinawans of Hawaii to perform at the Hawi Jodo Mission obon festival.

• Maui Okinawa Kenjin Kai – Jimpu Kai Maui: Airfare support for sensei’s monthly classes in odori, kumi-udui, dressing/make-up, etc.

• Maui Okinawa Kenjin Kai – Maui Okinawa Sanshin: Airfare support for sensei’s monthly uta-sanshin classes.

• Nomura Ryu Ongaku Kyo Kai Hawaii Shibu: Airfare support for sensei’s monthly uta-sanshin and Shimakutuba lessons.

• Lynette Teruya, Allison Yanagi and Jodie Ching: Financial assistance to compile multimedia expressions of Okinawan culture in commemoration of the 120th anniversary of Okinawan immigration to Hawai‘i.

• RMD Kohala/Waimea: Airfare support for two instructors from Okinawa to conduct a shishimai workshop.

• RMD Hawaii: Airfare support for two instructors from Okinawa to teach shishimai and taiko workshops.

• Tamagusuku Ryu Senjukai Frances Nakachi Ryubu Dojo: Airfare assistance for 10 dancers to perform at Japan Day in San Francisco.


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