This year, the lunar New Year will start on Feb. 5. It’s expected that this year of the earth pig will be very good and full of achievements, without any bad periods. The last two years were not considered very good years, so there is much to be excited about in 2019.

The pig, or boar, represents wealth and generosity. People born under this sign are often reserved and have difficulty trusting others. But once you get to know someone born under this sign, you’ll find an amazing friend and an excellent business partner. Pigs love relaxing and they always search for loyal and trusting friends.

This 2019 New Year’s edition cover features the artwork of Mililani High School student Cindy Tsou, whose surfing pig placed first in the “Hawai‘i category” of the Hawaii Association of Teachers of Japanese annual nengajö (New Year’s card) contest. (Courtesy HATJ)


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