Behind the Scenes of the Award-winning “Family Ingredients”

Dan Nakasone
Special to The Hawai‘i Herald

They migrated to Hawai‘i from all corners of the world. They bid farewell to family, friends and the place they called home, knowing they might never return. To describe this upheaval as unsettling is a gross understatement. But the cultural foods they ate brought some level of comfort and resemblance of home. Those daily meals helped to ease the transition to their new lives in a strange land.

That was the role food played in the lives of newly arrived immigrants in our multicultural community and it became the foundation for the PBS television series, “Family Ingredients,” celebrating Hawai‘i’s multicultural community through food. “Family Ingredients” takes the featured guest’s fondest food memory or a family dish and traces it back to its origin. The show is hosted by Ed Kenney, a part-Hawaiian, Irish, Spanish and Filipino chef.

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