DEAR FRANCES By Frances H. Kakugawa

Omoiyari . . . Think of others first and good karma will return to you. — Frances H. Kakugawa

Dear Frances,

I was watching an Alzheimer’s program and it made me want to thank you for saving me from being who I was starting to become. It allowed me to change in caring for my mom.

It is really hard to know how many caregivers you are helping, but for that one person, you can save them from despair, as you did for me. For those who have never experienced caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, one can never know the sacrifice. But doesn’t it make one much stronger?

You saved me, and that matters to me. Thank you so much. My mother thanks you also, I am sure. I would have carried much more grief if I didn’t release the frustration of being such an angry son I had become. Thank you for allowing me to change.

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