“Kekkon Aite wa Shusen de (Choosing Spouse by Lottery),” premiers Wednesday, Jan. 2 at 7:35 p.m.

Due to the nation’s low birth rate and aging population, the Japanese government has decided to enact the “Marriage by Lottery Act.” Under this law, single people aged 25 to 39 have to go on government planned blind dates. Tatsuhiko, a 26-year-old single man, works as a systems engineer. Due to trauma from his middle school days, he does not trust people and he has a fear of germs. Meanwhile, Nana is a beautiful single woman and works at a radio broadcasting station. The two of them, who would have never met if the law didn’t exist, eventually take part in a marriage interview. What kind of relationship will these two move into amidst a society which has changes so suddenly? Fully subtitled in English.

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