Michael G. Malaghan
Special to The Hawai‘i Herald

Chapter 142

“How is your father’s recuperation coming along?” asked Charles Hemenway as he carried his coffee cup from his desk to a chair facing a low, ivory-inlaid mahogany table with carved elephant legs. Sitting across from him on a matching leather-upholstered chair, Takeshi leaned over and stirred two spoons of sugar into his creamed coffee. He had arrived 15 minutes early for the weekly Committee for Interracial Unity’s 2 o’clock meeting. He hoped his anxiety did not show.

“Actually, the operation was postponed. Dr. Hornsby caught the flu. It’s been rescheduled for Saturday,” Takeshi said, fidgeting. He had been rehearsing his forthcoming request.

“Sir, you were gracious enough to offer help . . . . You said if there was anything you could do that I shouldn’t hesitate to ask . . .”

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