DIALOGUE By Karleen Chinen

Most of us are familiar with the Japanese phrase, “Kodomo no tame ni,” meaning “for the sake of our/the children.” It usually refers to generational sacrifice: The Issei endured backbreaking labor in Hawai‘i’s sugar plantations and pineapple fields so they could give their American-born Nisei children a better life. The Nisei sacrificed their lives in World War II to protect their immigrant parents and ensure a life full of opportunities for their Sansei children. It’s a broad generalization, but I’m sure you get what I’m trying to say.

Now substitute the word deshi, or student, for kodomo . . . so, “Deshi no tame ni” — “for the sake of my/the students.”

I hadn’t really thought about this until the Nov. 17 weekend, when my longtime friend and the Herald’s advertising manager, sanshin master Grant “Sandaa” Murata, held a dokuenkai — a solo performance — at the Hawaii Theatre.

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