The Japanese Cultural Society of Maui is seeking nominations for its 2019 Nihon Bunka Award. The award is presented to individual(s) in the Maui community who have dedicated their lives to perpetuating Japanese culture or have shown excellence and contributions to the Japanese arts and/or culture. They have also selflessly shared their talents with the community. The 2019 Nihon Bunka awardees will be honored at the JCS Maui shinnen enkai in January.

Past Nihon Bunka Award recipients were:

• 2018: Tom Fujita, Mildred Okuda and Stephanie Ohigashi

• 2017: Yuki Lei Sugimura

• 2016: Lynn Araki-Regan, Jan Matsushita and Yaeko Yamamoto

• 2015: Deron Furukawa

• 2014: Hiroko Deleon

• 2013: Kay Fukumoto

• 2012: Rev. Torako Arine and Hiroshi Arisumi

• 2011: Leonard Oka and Hideko Zwick

• 2010: Michael Hondo

• 2009: Rev. Jeffery D. Soga

• 2008: Chieko Nagata, Kiyoko Ohata and Robert Montgomery

• 2007: Lilian Maeda and Herbert Kogasaka

• 2006: Ken Tasaka and Walter Ouye

• 2005: Sayoko Kobata and Shinichi Suzuki

• 2004: Albert Watanabe

The mission of the Japanese Cultural Society of Maui is to promote and encourage the preservation and perpetuation of Japanese culture in Hawai‘i, promote and cultivate good fellowship among members, and participate in activities that enhance and enrich the life of the community.

To nominate someone, visit to complete a form online. Nominations are due by Saturday, Dec. 15. For more information, contact Lynn Araki-Regan at (808) 280-1299 or by email at


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