Chapter 141

Nearly six thousand miles away, Kenji rose from bed and padded into the bathroom where he emptied his full bladder. A chill ran through him upon seeing a pink stream flow. As he washed his hands, Kenji tried to recall what he had eaten at dinner the night before that would have caused the pink color. Nothing came to mind. By evening, his stream had returned to its usual marigold yellow. He sighed with relief, thankful he had not alarmed Haru.

The next morning, however, his urine streamed rose-petal red. At breakfast, Kenji maintained his usually calm demeanor, although he drank more coffee and orange juice than normal. An hour later, he watched in dismay as a deep crimson stream rained from his body. A visit to the doctor would surely result in a simple remedy, such as taking a few sulfur tablets to control an infection. No need to alarm Haru.

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