DIALOGUE BY Karleen Chinen

After several weeks of updates about his wife Gail Honda’s condition, each gloomier than the one before, the Nov. 1st email from Kipp Martin did not come as a total surprise. Like Kipp, and Gail’s family and friends, I had hoped and prayed for a miracle that never came. Gail Ann Miyoko Honda, a member of our extended Herald ‘ohana, passed away on Nov. 1 from a cancer that had only been diagnosed a few months earlier.

Gail was only 60 . . . still so young. Why? How can this be? But I’ve learned that there are no answers to those existential questions.

Earlier this year, in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the opening of the Honouliuli Internment Camp, Gail launched a Herald series on some Hawai‘i residents who were imprisoned at Honouliuli Internment Camp and/or the Sand Island detention camp. Gail had kept detailed notes of her interviews with them in 1980 and was writing first-person narratives of their experiences. She hoped to eventually publish their stories in a book.

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