We would like to correct two stories that were in our Oct. 19, 2018, edition. We sincerely apologize for these errors and for any inconvenience it may have caused.

The first story, “My Turn to Give Back,” about new Hawaii Foodbank president and CEO Ron Mizutani was missing some text on Page 6. The story should have read:

“In our culture, it’s hard to ask [for help]. Some people are shame to ask, so they hide the fact that they’re hungry. But for them to go to these distribution points and know others surround them in a similar situation, it tugs at your heart.”

One of the Hawaii Foodbank’s biggest distribution centers is at the Hawaii First Samoan Assembly of God church under the H-1 freeway, near Palama Settlement, he said.

“There are 500 to 600 people gathering boxes of healthy food. There’s produce, breads, dairy, and they take that food home to their family, so really, we are serving 3,000 people. And when you think of it that way, you just go ‘Wow! There’s a lot of hungry people there.’ We are touching a lot of lives. So that’s motivating for me,” Mizutani said.

The second correction is for the story titled “Kaua‘i Set for New Leadership” on the Kaua‘i mayor’s race on Page 7. We were waiting to hear back from County Councilmember and mayoral candidate Derek Kawakami regarding his age and area of residence on the island. Kawakami did respond to us, but as a result of a communication breakdown, you saw two blanks in that story. Here is the missing information: Derek Kawakami is 41 years old and resides in Lïhu‘e.


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